Abbasovs family: "The secret of a long-lived family is a heart beating in two souls"

15 March 2023


Today's guest of the "Let's get to know our families" project of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs is the Abbasovs family.

While researching the long-lived, exemplary families of the Saatli region, we made our way from the house of the elder uncle Mirabbas. Mirabbas and Shabika Abbasovs spoke enthusiastically about the history they had packed into their 69-year life together.

As Uncle Mirabbas talked about his extraordinary childhood, his parents, his love of reading, his interesting years of education and his successful family life, he traveled in his imagination through the years: high school, technical vocational school, and finally, the years of higher education, then work experience. When he was telling his life in chronological order like a historian, he often looked at his wife and said the words "maybe I wouldn't be able to", and "it would be difficult", and we read from his eyes: "if it wasn't you". It seems that for 69 years, he does not deny the right of his faithful companion who supported him and fought with him in the difficult and turbulent paths of his life.

6 children grew up in this beautiful family founded in 1954, hardworking parents educated each of them and started a family. It is not easy to emerge from the test of the years as a well-respected elderly. Despite life's difficulties, uncle Mirabbas overcame all obstacles with the help of his education and talent and his family, who supported him.

Uncle Mirabbas emphasized that he had a happy, friendly family from the first day and gave the secret of a happy family: "One heart beating in two souls. Yes, living in this way makes the family long-lasting." Shabika, the daughter of the house, had the joy of 15 grandchildren and 21 grandchildren together with her husband. The years have added to her beautiful face the brightness of a beloved grandmother. At the end of our conversation, he thanked God for having such a person in his destiny. Uncle Mirabbas proudly said that she supported him throughout his educational life, even when he was studying at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute, and that he braved all the difficulties together with her. He talked about working on a collective farm, working in medical aid for 17 years after receiving a paramedic education at a technical school, and engineering at the Saatli Forest Department after receiving higher education.

Although it was difficult to leave such a kind and loving family, we captured some moments that will remind us of the good moments.