Address to International Organizations and Foreign Countries on behalf of Azerbaijani women, NGOs and civil associations acting in the spheres of women and children issues

5 July 2017


Address to International Organizations and Foreign Countries on behalf of Azerbaijani Women, NGOs and civil association acting in the spheres of women and children issues adopted during the roundtable, held by the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 5 July 2017 in connection with civilian victims as a result of the violation of the ceasefire by the Armenian military forces on 4 July 2017 in the framework of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict.

Taking into account the principles of Geneva Convention adopted in 1949, which foresees the human treatment at all conditions without discrimination against the race, skin color, religion, sex, origin or property or other similar criterions towards the people, who are not directly involved in military operations, the members of the armed forces, who released their weapons, and those, who are unfit because of being wounded, affected by illness, detained or other similar reasons,

· Recognizing the significance of the main principles of Universal Human Rights Declaration adopted in 1948,

· Highlighting the objectives of the UN Convention on Elimination of all forms of discrimination against Women and Convention on Children Rights,

· Underlining the importance of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security,


We appeal to the international organizations, on the facts on died and injured civilians as a result of the violation of the ceasefire again by Armenian military forces in recent days.

Armenian armed forces fired Alkhanli village of Fuzuli region from 82 and 120 millimeter heavy mortars and grenade launchers on July 4, 2017. As a result of this provocation, the residents of the village Guliyeva Sahiba Idris gizi (born in 1967) and Guliyeva Zakhra Elnur gizi (born in 2015) died. Guliyeva Salbinaz Iltifat gizi (born in 1965) received a fragmentation wound, was hospitalized and operated.

These ugly actions of the Armenian state violates international legal acts - the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Armenia in 1992, the IV Geneva Convention on Civilian Defense during the War, the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights, International pact on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Genocide, and Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergency and Military Conflicts.

Azerbaijan has taken proper measures on preventing the aggressive intentions of Armenia against our country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and ensures the security of its citizens and their properties within the international laws and internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan.

The principal basis for the ending the conflict is the resolutions number 822, 853, 874 and 884 adopted by the UN Security Council. The use of force against Azerbaijan and the occupation of Azerbaijani territories is condemned and once again the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of our country are confirmed in these resolutions.

Ignoring the ceasefire regime, maintained by Azerbaijan for more than 20 years, Armenia continues military attacks on unarmed civilians including women and children. All these put heavy barriers on solving the conflict via negotiations. Despite the announcement of the ceasefire in 1994, the facts on the Armenians' killing of children in Azerbaijan continue to be recorded. Overall, 33 children were victims of Armenian terrorism, fourteen of them were killed and nineteen were wounded.

Today, each citizen, including Azerbaijani women support the fair position of the Government of Azerbaijan and President which demonstrate people’s solidarity and unity. We are for resolving the conflict by political methods in accordance with the norms and principles of international law. We demand to stop aggressive policy and crimes, committed against the unarmed people.

We appeal to all international organizations and countries around the globe to follow the international legal norms, protect the international peace and security, ensure the implementation of resolutions of UN, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Parliament Assembly of European Council on Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, and stop the occupation policy of Armenia:

1. Armenian military forces should unconditionally and urgently leave the Azerbaijani territories.

2. Azerbaijani refugees and internally displaced population should return to their homes.

3. Provide the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan Republic within its internationally recognized borders

4. Armenian military forces should stop their attacks on Azerbaijani civilians living across the ceasefire zone.