It is 100 years today, since the birth of prominent scientist and public figure Zahra Guliyeva

18 January 2023


100 year has passed today since the birth of Zahra Guliyeva, the Chair of the State Committee for Women's Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a doctor of medical sciences, a professor, an outstanding scientist, public figure distinguished by her brilliant personality and the position of a noble citizen.

The bright memory of this lady, who had her handwriting, thoughts and words in the world of ophthalmology science, who earned the image of one of the pioneers of the women's movement in Azerbaijan, is remembered by everyone.

Mrs. Zahra, who actively participated in the social and cultural life of the Republic from a young age, was repeatedly elected as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, regional and Baku city councils, and at the same time had special services in the organization of Azerbaijani women, was a member of various international societies and councils, represented Azerbaijani women at scientific symposiums and international events, at women's congresses held in many countries of the world, and conveyed the truths of Azerbaijan to the world community in her speeches.

As a result of her effective activity, Zahra Guliyeva was appointed to the post of Chairperson of the State Committee on Women's Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan, established by the Decree signed by National Leader Heydar Aliyev on January 14, 1998. With this appointment, Z. Guliyeva focused all her thoughts on the solution to women's issues in the country at the state level. The National Leader highly appreciated Ms. Zahra's business activity and expressed confidence that she would be able to cope with this task, and appointed her to such a responsible position.

Mrs. Zahra cared not only for her children, but for thousands of people, and shared their troubles. Everyone knows her as an intelligent, patriotic, cultured, caring, kind, humane, and beautiful woman. Zahra Guliyeva lived a meaningful life and left behind an intellectual scientific life that will be an example.

The outstanding scientist's humanity, philanthropy, and the beauty of her heart seemed to reflect on her face. She tirelessly went to the most remote villages and treated patients in bad conditions. She did not wait for sick people to come and find him, she took the initiative herself, looked for them and tried to treat them.

Zahra Guliyeva is the author of more than 150 scientific works, 3 monographs, textbooks and several teaching aids, and inventions. Ms. Zahra was awarded the "Red Labor Flag", "Honour Badge", and "Shohrat" orders and medals of the Republic of Azerbaijan for her effective work and significant services, and was awarded the title of Honored Scientist.

She died on November 28, 2005.

Mrs. Zahra, who kept Azerbaijan's national and moral values alive and passed them on to future generations, lived a life that would be an example for every era and won inexhaustible love and great respect among people.

Today, everyone remembers Mrs. Zahra with great respect and reverence.