Bahar Muradova met with the newly elected members of the Children's Ambassadors Assembly

19 December 2022


On December 19, 2022, a meeting dedicated to the end of the year was held with the members of the Assembly of Children's Ambassadors at the State Committee.

Speaking at the meeting, Bahar Muradova, the Chair of the State Committee greeted everyone. She said that the Assembly of Children's Ambassadors is a successful project of the State Committee as a voluntary activity platform, and that it has justified itself on the scale of the Republic with its activities as an organization.

B. Muradova emphasized that the Assembly of Ambassadors, which has been operating for more than two years, has come a long way in a short time and has achieved certain goals, and she noted that the work carried out by the Assembly is already visible on the international scale.

"Indeed, children mean the future and good mornings in the minds of every country and people. The work done will be useful for your future, and society will benefit from it," added the Chairperson of the Committee.

She noted that the positive experience and professional skills gained from this platform will contribute to the protection of children's rights and the creation of a safer environment and a beautiful society for their peers.

Aynur Sofiyeva, the Deputy Chair of the State Committee, spoke and noted that the Assembly of Children's Ambassadors, which has been operating since the pandemic period, has already established itself despite the fact that it is a new platform. She said that based on negotiations with the Ministry of Science and Education, local representatives of Majlis will be established in two schools as a pilot project for general educational institutions, and if it would be successful, a large network will be formed across the country.

Speaking at the meeting, Jamila Bagirova, the head of the Children's Affairs Department of the State Committee, informed about the children's selection tour to the Assembly of Ambassadors. She noted that the new members selected from among 150 applications from different regions have already been involved in a number of projects of the State Committee.

Nurlan Jabrayilzadeh, the chairman of the "Children's Ambassadors Assembly", informed about the projects implemented by the Assembly and the work done during the past period.

The participants of the meeting said that this mission as children's ambassadors is an honorable and great responsibility, they expressed their pride in being elected as members of the "Children's Ambassadors Assembly", and shared the joy of representing them as the voice of children in the Assembly.

At the end, the Chair of the Committee once again congratulated each of the newly elected members of the "Children's Ambassadors Assembly" and also advised them to be more responsible and constantly increase their potential. At the same time, she wished success in their future work to the children who completed their activities in the Assembly.

The children, in turn, noted that they will work hard to cope with the tasks assigned to them.

At the end, a commemorative photo was taken.