I National Forum of Azerbaijani Children

20 November 2014


I National Forum of Azerbaijani Children was held for the first time on 17-18 December, 2009. The Forum organized by the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, Heydar Aliyev Foundation and NUR Child and Youth Public Union dedicated to the summary of the year of “2009- Child Year”.

A letter of congratulation by Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP, to the Forum participants was read out. Over 250 children from 56 regions of the country participated at the Forum.

The letter says children are the tenderest part of our society. Care and love a person receives in childhood guarantee its future physical health, moral purity and wealth. We can with honor say society in Azerbaijan has become the pattern of the best attitude and care to children throughout the history. Nice circumstances have been created today for children to grow and be brought up under healthy conditions, study in educational institutions meeting the corresponding standards.

Deputy Prime Minister Elchin Afandiyev stressed the significance of the Forum. He said the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international document, which thoroughly protects the rights of the child. The state of Azerbaijan has presented 4 periodic reports to the respective committee of UN, which indicates the growing attention in the republic to the field.

Deputy Chairperson of Milli Majlis Bahar Muradova said about 15 conventions have been ratified in the parliament, decrees and orders signed by President Ilham Aliyev, numerous state programmes adopted to protect the rights of the children. A perfect legal base has been created to completely realize the child rights, develop potential of every child.

Hijran Huseynova, Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Woman and Children Affairs said the successful social policy, reforms carried out in the country allow the future citizens of Azerbaijan to look into the future more confidently. “Year of the Child” announced in Azerbaijan in 2009 will attract the state structures and the public to the problems of children. Important actions have been taken in the past years to strengthen the child health, provide high-level education to them.

 Assessing declaration of 2009 the “Year of Child” by President Ilham Aliyev as very significant event for children, Chairperson of “Nur” Union Sevinc Muradova said the government does all possible for Azerbaijani children to leave happily and get a higher education.

Speakers noted Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva has been awarded the “Golden Heart” Prize of the Forum.

The Forum was continued in working groups, which held discussions and presentations on the most important themes relating to children with participation of experts.

An address to President Ilham Aliyev and a Final Declaration will be adopted at the Forum, which is to end on December 18.