A conference entitled "Complications of Early Marriage - Unfulfilled Future" was held in Bilasuvar region

6 December 2022


A conference entitled "Complications of Early Marriage- Unfulfilled Future" was held on 6 December 2022, jointly organized by the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs and the Bilasuvar District Executive Authority.

Opening the conference, the head of the Bilasuvar Executive Authority welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of the event. F.Gurbatov spoke about the harm that early marriage causes to young people, families and society as a whole. He spoke about physical and psychological complications of early marriage, as well as problems caused by informal marriages.

Greeting the guests Mrs Bahar Muradova, Chairperson of the State Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs, drew attention to the urgency of the topic. Noting the "16 Days of Activism Campaign" against gender-based violence is going on around the world, Mrs. Muradova said that involvement of children in early marriage is the most severe of all cases of violence: " It is very often impossible to overcome severe complications of changes in psychology of people involved in early marriages", she added.

Speaking about the work being done in the country in this field, the Chairperson of the Committee stressed that the analysis carried out by the State Committee to study the situation in this area has revealed many important points.

Noting the initiative linked to monitoring groups set up in urban and rural municipalities to improve the work against early marriage and domestic violence in Bilasuvar district would yield positive results, the Chairperson expressed the hope that this practice would be applied in other districts as well.

The event continued with discussions.