The President has signed important decrees and orders

17 January 2023


Important decrees and orders were signed by Mr. President in January this year in order to strengthen the social protection of citizens.

Signed on 13 January 2023 as part of a new social reform package covering 1 million 900 thousand citizens, this package serves to further improve the welfare of vulnerable people, martyrs' families, the families with disabilities, low-income families and families with many children. This is already the 4th such reform package in our country in the last 5 years.

According to decrees and orders, from 1st January 2023 the monthly social benefit for women with more than five children is set at 105 AZN per child. This means an increase of 3.2 times. Thus, in 2018 this figure was 33 AZN..

The social benefit to low-income families with children under one year of age is set at 100 AZN per child. The social allowance for the birth of a child is set at 500 AZN. This means an increase of 4.6 times. In 2018, this amount was 109 AZN.

The head of household allowance (per family member) has been increased to 120 AZN. This means an increase of 76.5%. Thus, in 2018, the figure was 68 AZN.

In addition to strengthening the aforementioned social welfare, special attention is paid to the protection and development of children.

As a result of the State's attention and concern for children, the National Strategy for Children 2020-2025, approved by Presidential Decree of 2 June 2020, was adopted.

It should be noted that in recent years the issue of child protection in emergencies has become more prominent during the pandemic as well as the Patriotic War.

Experience has shown that a special mechanism is needed to strengthen child protection in such special cases and to identify some children who do not have access to services.
 Paragraph 5.1.5 of the "Action Plan for the Implementation of the Children's Strategy 2020-2025" and the relevant Cabinet of Ministers' Resolution signed this year are aimed at this.

Other various normative legal documents are expected to be adopted in this direction by the end of this year.
The above-mentioned demonstrates that the social programmes and legislation consistently implemented in our country serve to improve the well-being and standard of living of families, strengthen child welfare and the all-round development of children.